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We are passionate about empowering our customers with extraordinary software solutions. With our dedicated in-house team, we craft custom software tailored to the specific requirements of the railway industry. As believers in the advantages of Software as a Service (SaaS), we bring you the benefits of scalability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness. Putting our customers at the forefront, we offer the railway community exclusive opportunities for demonstrations and free trials. We back our products wholeheartedly, ensuring you experience firsthand the exceptional value and reliability our software provides.

Your success is our priority.

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Protecting Assets
Track Design and Infrastructure Clearance Software.

Structure Clearances

We specialize in critical structure clearances, preventing any impact between rolling stock and infrastructure, ensuring safe and efficient railway operations.

Example of the track design functionality in D/Gauge Rift

Passing Clearances

The safe passage between two trains, especially at high speeds, is paramount for us to ensure smooth and secure operations. Passing clearance provides measurement between two vehicles.

Example of the track design functionality in D/Gauge Rift

Route Clearances

Route clearance is essential to enable the safe movement of trains and cargo from one location to another. It ensures smooth transportation while prioritizing safety for both personnel and goods.

Example of the track design functionality in D/Gauge Rift

Structure Design and Survey Editing

Structure design empowers designers to make changes or renewals with confidence, ensuring that clearances are not compromised and maintaining the integrity of the infrastructure. Additionally, it enables the optimization of infrastructure size to accommodate increased throughput, facilitating the efficient movement of trains and cargo.

Example of the track design functionality in D/Gauge Rift

Interactive Track Design Functionality

Utilize our software's simple and user-friendly track design functionality to swiftly obtain clearances. With the added convenience of importing designs, you can streamline the process and efficiently assess clearances for your railway projects.

Example of the track design functionality in D/Gauge Rift

Intelligent clearance assessment

D/Gauge Rift will:
  • Perform Structure clearance assessments
  • Perform platform clearance assessments
  • Perform passing clearances between vehicles
  • Calculate stepping distances at locations
It can also:
  • Import, save and reuse source survey data files
  • Full NGD integration into the software
  • Generate PDF and Excel reports on clearance assessments
D/Gauge Rift can be used by:
  • Suitable for all individuals responsible for reporting gauging figures
  • Ideal for Track and Infrastructure Engineers
  • Assess existing and proposed designs to see clearance differences
It is also being used by:
  • Signalling providers - import custom structures into Rift and away you go
D/Gauge Rift has a simplified pricing model
  • We want to make clearance assessment more accessible to the industry
  • There are two components to pricing - the number of users and the number of Gauging Engines (G-Engines) required
How it's different:
  • Each user has a unique login for audit, and accessibility purposes
  • All new features and enhancements are included in the price, so no nasty surprises
  • Already being used by WSP, Arcadis and Mott McDonald
  • Great alternative to gauging software
  • Instant switch on, after your one hour onboarding session you are ready to go
We can also help with:
  • The D/Gauge Gauging 101 Course is a CPD certified course that helps bring everyone up to speed on gauging, it's fundamentals and the components
  • We offer a 3-hour training course for D/Gauge Rift which is completely optional, for individuals who want some support or larger teams people requirements.
D/Gauge Rift is:
  • Network Rail approved and accepted
  • Reports have been built in collaboration with Network Rail Gauging Engineers
  • Integrated with the NGD for instant data retrieval
Automatically updated: 
  • Always uses the latest RSSB and Network Rail Gauging standards
  • Contains a full interactive vehicle library including Network Rail permissions
railway gauging software
D/Gauge Flow

Protecting People at Platforms Stepping Distance Software.

“I use Station Manager almost daily, I find it extremely useful because it is very simple to use and it provides me with gauging data for all of the different vehicles calling at a particular platform on one spreadsheet. D/Gauge respond swiftly to queries and communicate updates promptly ”

Ellyn, PTI Risk Manager

“D/Gauge have always been very helpful and provide good service, which is prompt and efficient. Good at collaborative working, regularly providing industry support."

Emma, PTI Risk Manager