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With over 15 years experience in Rail Clearances, D/Gauge solutions expand across entire networks.

Clearance Assessment

Put simply, clearance assessment, or gauging as it is known in the UK, is the measurement of trains and everything around it. It assesses the compatibility between the train and the network it runs on. 

Gauging contains a series of engineering decisions and parameters to lessen the risk of the train striking something when it is in service. It is a critical safety requirement, and any element of rolling stock, infrastructure and electrification schemes must all prove that the clearances have been considered and include safe distances.

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D/Gauge lines depicting dynamic vehicle modelling

What goes into a clearance assessment?

Vital Data For Safe Clearance Assessments
Shape of a train in a pink icon
Vehicle Information
radar survey scanning icon in pink
Survey Scanning Information
right and wrong assessment book in pink icon.
Standards Information
report style assessment icon in pink
Assessment Results
D/Gauge lines depicting dynamic vehicle modelling

Dynamic Vehicle Modelling

Dynamic 3D models capture the mechanical behavior's and detailed outlines of railway vehicles (such as mass distribution, suspension characteristics, wheel-rail interaction) taking into account the forces and moments acting on the vehicle and its components.

Creating dynamic models allows digital simulation of movement in various load states, assessment of designs and much more. Using the internationally recognised VAMPIRE(R) Software, our expert vehicle dynamicists put project management skills and engineering expertise together.

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How we help and support

We assist different rail organisations with:
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Design Support
Our services include comprehensive design support, offering expert guidance and assistance throughout the creative process.
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Certification support
We facilitate the certification process for our customers, either by providing direct assistance or by collaborating with our trusted partners.
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Operational Planning
We provide essential information for effective operational planning, equipping businesses with the necessary core data.
eye icon in pink. indicating maintenance is a way to monitor your rail network.
Maintenance Planning
We offer timely and consistent updates for maintenance schedules, through our consultancy and software offering.

Regional and National Network Communities

Our portfolio of major clients includes some of the largest rail industries worldwide. We have supported national and regional networks including Network Rail, ARTC, London Underground and Amtrak. With our collaboration, major networks can manage and enhance their infrastructure.

Underground and Metro Community

In areas with limited clearance, we specialize in providing meticulous support for networks where every millimeter is crucial. Using D/Gauge services, Local Transport Authorities and Metro Systems can ensure safe rolling stock and passenger operations.

Track Design Community

When it comes to track renewals or upgrades, recognizing the significance of clearances is essential, and we are here to provide assistance. Clearance helps Permanent Way Engineers design safe track designs, efficient renewals and solve tricky challenges.

Electrification Community

We specialize in the design, installation, and maintenance of overhead line equipment, while also leveraging predictive capabilities to anticipate dewirement issues and actively promoting decarbonization efforts.

Operations and Planning community

For secure transportation of larger or unconventional loads, we offer expertise in executing controlled and digitally managed operations, resulting in time and cost savings while mitigating risks.

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