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How we broke the mould to become pioneers in gauging and clearance assessment software

Founded as a family business in 2008. David brought his 30 years in the railway industry, his proven experience in gauging technology and a passion for developing software. Colin brought his diverse engineering experience from aerospace and motorsport, and his desire for things to be presented clearly.

D/Gauge set out to answer one question. Why doesn’t the train fit? The solution has typically been to make the train smaller, or move the infrastructure entirely. Both an extreme and costly response, one we aim to avoid.

After digging deeper into why this was happening, we found this was often due to inaccurate modelling, poor data or out-of-date assumptions. We found by starting again we improved the modelling. It was feasible, cost effective and better for passengers.

Going back to first principles we challenge every aspect of gauging. That’s been our focus ever since.

We have led cutting-edge research, created smarter, deeper datasets and invested in a new software approach fit for the future. From the first challenge of pantograph gauging, we have proven ourselves as a value engineering company, improving gauging and reducing overall costs, time and risk.

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A proud subsidiary of the TÜV Rheinland Group

In 2023, D/Gauge joined the TÜV Rheinland Group, an international organisation focused on quality, safety, and assurance. The TÜV Rheinland Group has a presence in over 60 countries and over 20,000 employees.

The Electrification Challenge

We developed dynamic pantograph gauging, an approach that can avoid bridge reconstruction and save millions. Having proven the technology on Great Western and Thameslink, we now support most major UK electrification schemes.

The Switch Challenge

We can accurately model trains traversing over switch and crossings, unlocking big benefits at structures in close proximity.

The Freight Challenge

Developing new gauges to maximise space on the network and modelling new wagon designs. We support multiple freight enhancement schemes in the UK and working with UK freight movers to squeeze specific freight on specific routes.

The Metro Challenge

Develop more accurate software to consider the tight curves and transitions on Metro’s. Our tools get trains closer to platforms.We support numerous metro and tram systems, operating on extreme track geometry and novel vehicle design.

The Stepping Challenge

Map passenger stepping risks in the UK. Every train, every timetable and every platform. We now provide live, accurate information to every Train Operating Company in the UK. through incredible software.

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