Gauging - Engineering that ensures that there is enough space to allow vehicles, structures and electrification to operate together safely and reliably 

DGauge - Developing technology to accurately and quickly calculate which vehicles can fit where, and, if needed, the amount of infrastructure modification that is required.


Digital Dynamic Gauging

DGauge have developed a suite of innovative tools and services to support you from; gauging feasibility, through to vehicle introduction - covering all aspects of gauging.



Our experienced team can support you with all aspects of the gauging process; focusing particularly upon more specialist aspects of the gauging field.


RouteSpace ClearRoute

Our digital gauging tools are accurate, validated, comprehensive and flexible.

Learn more about the gauging technology we develop and apply. 


Gauging Training

Our team have vast experience in gauging and teaching, allowing us to support your organisation with; technical training courses, webinars and presentations using modern teaching practices and technology. 



Learn more about our key team members and our core company values as an innovative, passionate and growing company with big ideas and plans. 


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