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Conventional but not traditional

Gauging is critical in many railway projects from a high- level summary of route clearances, through to compliance, and on to handover. Gauging activities are often prescribed in standards, tenders & work instructions.

However, even though gauging assessments are a routine part of railway work, they are traditionally unduly complicated to commission, take a long time to complete and the outputs lack clarity.

At D/Gauge we focus on making gauging as simple and as straightforward as possible.  

Our extensive knowledge and experience in: gauging software; gauging assessments and many different types of project, means we can provide you with tried-and-tested services in routine gauging, at a competitive price.

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We provide a wide range of gauging consultancy for any size project

We frequently deliver:
  • Freight and Gauge Clearance for structures/route
  • Passenger Vehicle Clearance for structures/route
  • Pantograph Clearance for structures/route
  • Passing Clearances between vehicles
And can also support with:
  • Collecting and evaluating survey data
  • Evaluating designs and optioneering
We frequently deliver:
  • Clearances for a route or franchise
  • Stepping distances for a route or franchise
  • Comparisons between vehicles
  • Compliance against a standard
And can also support with:
  • Vehicle dynamic modelling (VAMPIRE)
  • Optimising new vehicle designs
We frequently deliver:
  • Clearances over a route/franchise for new movements
  • Route Planning and Evaluation
And can also support with:
  • Challenging Operational Restrictions and Prohibitions
  • Network Rail Compatibility support
We frequently deliver:
  • Screening gauge clearance for route feasibility
  • Dynamic Pantograph clearance for detailed design
  • OLE clash and clearance at structures
  • Wire height and stagger optimisation
And can also support with:
  • Challenging wire heights and gauging methodologies
We frequently deliver:
  • Current stepping distances for fleets and stations
  • Performance against group standards
  • Comparison between different fleets
And can also support with:
  • Understanding the implications of new fleet introductions
  • Optimise the stepping at particular locations

Bespoke? You’re in expert hands

Are you attempting something new and novel? Do you think your gauging approach could be improved? Does the scale or complexity seem overwhelming? Don’t know where to start? We relish these challenges.

Our team has decades of experience with projects of all sizes, and problems big and small. We advise on standards, and guide you in challenging them if they are outdated or unclear. We undertake research and develop new software tools bespoke to your situation. We apply our skills and experience to see beyond numbers to provide insight into what the numbers mean for you.

By working with us, we will save you time, reduce your project risk and upskill your inhouse teams with our gauging knowledge.

Set us your challenge. Get in touch.


“Thanks again for the effort of putting everything together and giving us a clearer picture of what we can expect in the W&B project. We are looking forward to continue the good work together”

Sandro, Project Manager

“The D/Gauge technical support is complete and absolutely reliable, therefore advisable to friends and colleagues. High flexibility and responsiveness in accepting changes or requests.”

Mario, Engineer

“Always a good quick service from D/Gauge, nothing is to much trouble. Always lots of good new ideas coming from the company, keep up the good work."

Richard, Ops Delivery Manager

“Excellent service, knowledge of the product and infrastructure, willing to go the extra mile. Excellent support, one which we have been able to use directly in front of clients."

Steve, Chief Operations Engineer

“I have always received a professional service from D/Gauge, they always deliver on time and always knowledgeable.”

James, Principal Surveyor

“The work was done in a timely manner and I did not have to chase anyone for the deliverables.”

Matt, Fleet Engineer

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