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Bringing clearance assessment into the era of innovation

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Date: 8 June 2021, 10AM (GMT)
Duration: 75 minutes (inc live Q&A)

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Intelligent clearance assessment
  • Founded as a family business in 2008, D/Gauge set out to do gauging better. We developed our own, in-house, powerful gauging software, and have since supported 1000’s of gauging projects throughout the UK.
  • Over the last 2 years, our team of agile software developers and gauging engineers have focused their attention on creating a new clearance product fit for the modern railway environment.
  • Introducing the next generation of gauging clearance assessment software - bringing our industry up to speed and unlocking more space.
Hosted by Colin Johson, Managing Director
  • Colin Johnson, Managing Director
  • David Johnson, Technical Director
  • David Steward, Head of Software
  • Ian Johnston, Head of Engineering
    Your questions, answered
    • A live, interactive Q&A panel with panel members, hosted by Colin Johnson, Managing Director
    • Vote your questions up and down, to get the most out of the session
    Live panel speakers
    • Ian Johnston, Head of Engineering
    • David Steward, Head of Software
    Not looking for gauging software? You are still welcome! 
    • See the transformative process taken to traditional gauging
    • Utilising software for rail innovation - how we aim to propel the industry using intelligent software creations
    • Introducing 'Network Clearance' - the Network Rail contract, powered by data from D/Gauge Rift
    Press and media enquiries
    • For free press and media places, please email mandeep.singh@dgauge.co.uk
    What's in it for you?
    • Discover how D/Gauge have modernised and simplified traditional gauging exercises which have been described as a 'black art'.
    • Learn how we can fully utilise the power of intelligent software to speed up cumbersome processes-Introducing D/Gauge Rift
    • Introducing D/Gauge Rift, D/Gauge's brand-new modern platform with unmatched performance-  a true game-changer for Track and Infrastructure Engineers