D/Gauge Present Innovation Launch Event

May 5, 2021
D/Gauge Present Innovation Launch Event on Clearance Assessment Software: Bringing Gauging into the Era of Innovation; D/Gauge Rift (8th June 2021, 10am).

Slow, cumbersome gauging software and methodology is crippling projects and making teams less efficient. In an era where technology offers us speed, increased reliability, and simpler user experiences, why should clearance assessment software be lightyears behind?

Join the D/Gauge live innovation launch event on 8th June at 10am.  Streamed from Birmingham (due to current government guidance), this is the first event of its kind hosted by D/Gauge. It is aimed at Track and Infrastructure Designers, or anyone who has a regular requirement to run clearance assessment analysis.  

Led by Managing Director Colin Johnson, alongside Technical Director David Johnson, D/Gauge will demonstrate the innovative approach taken to gauging and clearance assessment. Attendees can expect to:

·      Discover how D/Gauge have modernised and simplified traditional gauging exercises which have been described as a 'black art'.

·      Learn how we can fully utilise the power of intelligent software to speed up cumbersome processes.

·      Introducing D/Gauge Rift, D/Gauge's brand-new modern platform with unmatched performance- a true game-changer for Track and Infrastructure Engineers.

Incorporating relevant case studies and exciting videos, our clearance assessment experts will talk you through this refreshed experience, followed by a live Q&A panel. Your questions can be voted up or down, to ensure the session meets your needs and answers the relevant questions.

Finally, attendees can expect to see a demonstration of the D/Gauge Rift system and see the immense capability.

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For any questions or further information, contact Mandeep Singh, Marketing Manager at D/Gauge on Mandeep.singh@dgauge.co.uk or call 07566 793420.

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