D/Gauge Partners: Measurex Consulting

October 1, 2021

We work hard to source the right professionals. Your projects then run smoothly, from start to finish. D/Gauge has a long history of collaborating with industry specialists as part of the gauging process. Jon Bylo, of Measurex Consulting Ltd. is the first in our series of interviews with partners – showing how we work together to improve our client’s experience.

Can you give us a short introduction to yourself and Measurex?

My name is Jon Bylo, owner and founder of Measurex Consulting Ltd. We provide many different types of engineering measurement services, including railway surveying. I have developed the business as a network of trusted collaborators, mostly other SMEs, who provide a wide portfolio of in-demand measurement services, delivering complete and trusted solutions to our clients. We can provide full or part time direct input and advice to projects within the fields of structural monitoring, land surveying, reality capture and 360° (spherical) photography.

What projects have you worked on with D/Gauge in the past?

We are working on a very exciting project for Hitachi Rail which involves the installation of a new signalling system for the Glasgow Subway, the third oldest subway in the world, after London and Budapest. The subway is a complete circle around Glasgow city centre with 15 stations and a depot, run by Strathclyde Partnership for Transport (SPT).

The client needs accurate measurements of track geometry, platforms and signalling equipment. D/Gauge are providing the gauging analysis to understand the new vehicle clearances and constraints for positioning equipment and structures relative to the track.

My role in the project is project management of the surveys, including technical, quality, specification by engaging with my extensive list of surveying contacts, built up over nearly 40 years.

How long have you been working with D/Gauge?

I worked in the London office for Laser Rail from 2005, so I know David and Colin well from those days, when we were primarily carrying out work for London Underground. I contacted David again after I started Measurex in 2018 and we discussed the potential of collaboration. Working with Colin has been very exciting, as his innovation and fresh eyes, paired with his father’s experience, puts them at the leading edge of their field.

What makes D/Gauge a partner of choice?

In my view, what makes D/Gauge stand out is their innovation. They have many years of experience, building railway analysis from scratch and taking it to the sophisticated level that it is today. They take outdated processes and breathe new life into them. I also appreciate the people, knowing their working style and personalities - they have a particular style and way of doing things which is infectious.

Finally, what would you say to a customer who was looking to use D/Gauge and Measurex’s services?

I would highly recommend reaching out to D/Gauge, especially if you need accurate engineering surveying or new infrastructure measurements. D/Gauge are specialists in vehicle gauging and carry many years of experience. Measurex’s strapline is ‘Measure to Manage’. If you don’t measure it properly you can’t manage it.

The benefit of this partnership is being able to provide a wider range of services from smaller but specialist suppliers. The industry is powered by SMEs and we bring so much to the table. Notably, better communication and better working relationships.

To find out more about Measurex or reach out for measurement services, visit the Measurex website.

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