D/Gauge complete an Electrification Project on behalf of RSSB

October 25, 2020
Since we were founded in 2008, D/Gauge has continuously supported the rail industry with research into new gauging ideas and solutions. Most recently, we’re proud to say we have completed an electrification project on behalf of the Rail Safety and Standards Board (often recognised as RSSB).

Project T1196 had the objective of delivering a suite of pantograph gauges that will allow simple application of Railway Group Standards, balancing complexity and gauge conservatism. This important research will support the design and delivery of electrification programmes as part of the ongoing decarbonisation of transport in the UK.  

Well done to our team of authors David Johnson (D/Gauge Technical Director) Ian Johnston (Head of Engineering) and Jenni Willinson (Project Engineer). You can read the full report, Development of a Suite of Pantograph Gauges - Summary Report (T1196 Report), on the RSSB Spark Railway Knowledge Hub.

The introduction of Railway Group Standard GMRT2173 (Issue 3, 2019) and the European Standard BS EN 50367:20121 in recent years have introduced new complexity into the calculation of the swept envelope of a pantograph. Specifically, GMRT2173.

(Issue 3, 2019) prescribes the relationship between cant excess and deficiency and pantograph sway, and BS EN 50367:2012 prescribes the behaviour of pantographs with independently sprung heads. There is no single gauge or ruleset that allows the simple application of these standards.

The project aims to define a series of gauges to accommodate the parameters defined in these standards, balancing off complexity and gauge conservatism.

Specifically, this project has set out to:

  • Collate and evaluate historic pantograph gauging tolerances, allowances and assumptions.
  • Develop new gauges using the information supplied in the new standards and the information rationalised from historic gauges.
  • Verify the new gauges against existing pantographs and infrastructure (OLE and infrastructure).
  • Provide guidance on the application of the gauges.
  • The output of this project is a new protocol and series of gauges including an interactive spreadsheet to allow simple, quick creation of gauges appropriate to their situation.

The information collated in this report remains the copyrighted material of Rail Safety and Standards Board and the full report, Development of a Suite of Pantograph Gauges - Summary Report (T1196 Report) can be accessed on the RSSB Spark Railway Knowledge Hub.

This publication may be reproduced free of charge for research, private study or for internal circulation within an organisation. This is subject to it being reproduced and referenced accurately and not being used in a misleading context. The material must be acknowledged as the copyright of Rail Safety and Standards Board and the title of the publication specified accordingly.

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